Life Insurance

Houston, TX

Are your dependents protected financially in the event of death? Give your loved ones peace of mind with a life Insurance policy from Houston's Rush Insurance Group. Choose from a number of policies to fit your budget, and we will customize your coverage to meet your needs. Whether you need temporary or permanent coverage, contact us for:

  • Universal Life Insurance
  • IRA
  • Traditional IRA

  • 401K Plans
  • Key Person Life Insurance
  • Financial Products

Make life insurance a part of your future financial planning. Call 1-800-497-6111 to discuss your life insurance options with a professional agent, or request an insurance quote today. We proudly serve individuals and businesses in Houston, TX and the surrounding area. Visit our FAQs page for common life insurance questions.

Term Life Insurance

The Rush Insurance Group offers multiple term life insurance products. Term life policies have designated expiration dates. The insured is paid once the contract reaches maturity. Should death occur prior to the policy's expiration, the money will be given to a beneficiary. Purchase temporary coverage to fit your budget.

Whole Life Insurance

Purchase whole life Insurance for protection to last you a lifetime. As long as the fixed premiums are met, the policy owner builds cash value that can be used to keep the coverage active. The insured may also borrow from these funds at a reasonable rate of interest. A whole life policy includes a death benefit, which guarantees that the cash value will be surrendered to a beneficiary following the death of the insured.

Our whole life products include a 10 payment life insurance plan. A limited pay life policy offers the same benefits as a traditional whole life plan, except that premiums must be paid within a fixed amount of time in this case, 10 years. Contact RIG to learn about the benefits of this and other life insurance policies.

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